Baby Bottles

Remarried widower is expecting another baby!

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We’re expecting!

Lauren is nearing the end of her first trimester, and our baby is due December 1.

We are beyond excited. Ecstatic would be more accurate. Our family of four will soon be a party of five.

I never could have imagined it. I never could have imagined any of this. Overcoming my grief, falling in love, marrying the most extraordinary woman, having another baby! Everything has changed for the better since Lauren came into my life. I have known nothing but joy with her. And in a few months, we will have the awesome privilege of welcoming our own little bundle of joy into this world. It takes my breath away. It’s nothing short of a miracle, especially when I think about how far I’ve come.

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They Call Her Mommy: When Dad Remarries (Mother’s Day 2017)

When Joseph Ross remarried, he and Lauren became equal partners as a parenting team.


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It’s been eleven months of marital bliss for Lauren and me. We continue to enjoy this incredible journey that GOD has given us, learning how to be a team as husband and wife, and even more importantly, how to be Daddy and Mommy to our children.

And they are OUR children.

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Tales of the Revolution: Redemption Road

If you like listening to podcasts, then check out Jason Vreeke’s most recent episode of Tales of the Revolution. Jason asked Joseph A. Ross to share part of his redemption story. You can find the episode by clicking here. It is also available through iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.

Many thanks to Jason for his ministry!