How I Became a Widower (part 2)

It’s been nearly two years since Kristen died, so over the next several days, I will be sharing the details of what happened to her and how my life changed as a result.  Many of these posts come from my journal entries at the time, which I also put on my personal Facebook page last year.  Please know that I write these words in the hope of educating and encouraging others (especially my children, who may wish to know more as they grow and mature).  Life is not easy, and I’ve had plenty of bad days since Kristen died.  Even though Christians still face hardship and struggle, Jesus gives us hope of a day when there will be no more death or sadness, no more tears or grieving.  The old things will pass away, and He will make all things new.



2/28/13 — 6:11 p.m. — Forsyth Medical, Rm. 5619
“Kristen had a stroke yesterday afternoon. She had a horrible headache, worse than any migraine she’s ever had, and then she lost control of the left side of her face and her left arm. We went to High Point Regional at first, and after the doctor performed a CT scan, Kristen was referred to Forsyth for their specialty in vascular and neurological conditions.
Kristen and I cried in the HP ER when the doctor said she had a brain hemorrhage. I was so scared and didn’t want her to die. Kristen was scared, too, but seemed to toughen up once she saw me breaking down emotionally. I had to go back home to pack my things and get what I would need for the hospital. I also needed to help Mom get together baby stuff for Ian. It was one of the hardest drives of my life. I thought I’d have to pull over from all the crying. I was a complete wreck and bawled my eyes out worried that I would never see my wife again. I barely slept at all last night.
Today has been a little better. The chief neurosurgeon believes Kristen’s outlook is positive. The bleeding has stopped and so long as there is no swelling, Kristen should make a full recovery. Kristen’s blood pressure must have been elevated after delivering Ian, which caused one of her blood vessels to leak blood into her brain. The pools of blood act like bruises that have prevented Kristen from full use of her face and left arm. But once the bruises heal in about 3 months, she should be back to normal. The doctor was encouraged b/c Kristen is young and has no prior history of stroke or other serious neurological disorders. It will be hard for Kristen to get back to “normal,” but she will get there. PT and OT will help, and I’m eager to help however I can.
Thank the Lord that she is stable and is showing slight improvement. I’m amazed that she has been able to manage as well as she has. Clearly God has been w/ her, and all the prayers from friends and family have helped sustain us. I was so scared that I was going to lose my wife, but now she might actually walk out of here in a few days. God has heard and answered my prayer. I will serve Him all the days of my life. Amen. ❤ ❤ <3”

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